Ecomass non-toxic high-gravity compounds help PING engineers develop variable weights of the same part geometry and volume, cutting costs by eliminating the need for different raw materials, secondary machining operations, and varying final part dimensions


Premier golf club manufacturer, PING, faced significant design challenges and mounting production costs in the manufacturing of different metals into balancing club head-weights— variable in weight, size and material— as required to appropriately balance their variety of irons and wedges. In order to fine tune the swing weight of golf clubs while reducing production costs, PING sought a design that could deliver constant part geometry, but with a variable final part weight.  PING was searching for a thermoplastic solution to be able to replace the need for metallic club head weights of different sizes and materials—which also required significant secondary machining operations—with a line of high-density thermoplastic composites. Additionally, they sought custom compounded materials soft enough to be able to successfully dampen vibration transmitted through the shaft.

Designers gathered the following list of material requirements:

  • Constant part volume, variable part weight (between 2 g and 9 g)
  • RoHS compliant materials
  • SHORE A 50 Hardness composite material—to successfully dampen vibration
  • Injection moldable thermoplastic

The Ecomass Solution:

The Ecomass sales and technical teams addressed these material challenges by developing Ecomass Compounds 5033ZC87, 5033ZS87, 5033ZS91, 5033ZD93 and 5033ZD95, with material density ranging from 3.9 g/cc to 9.0 g/cc. These compounds provide PING engineers with another degree of design freedom by enabling them to maintain constant part geometry and volume, but with the ability to adjust the final part weight pre-mold based upon how they choose to blend the materials. Ecomass Compounds have helped PING to significantly cut costs by replacing the need for multiple raw materials and by eliminating costly secondary machining operations.  With Ecomass Compounds, PING is now able to produce uniform-in-size-and-shape club head-weights in 1 gram increments from 2 g to 9 g, allowing the club head to be perfectly balanced and thus improving swing and ball-striking performance. Molded into precision balancing club head weights, Ecomass High-Gravity Golf Compounds help PING fit their customers with the latest in golf club technology.