Explore a series of articles on Ecomass Compounds to learn more about our innovative lead replacement thermoplastics and material solutions.

High Density Composites Replace Lead — a white paper describing the toxic effects of lead and how high density thermoplastic composites can be an economical and ecologically viable alternative

Using Firearms can be Hazardous to the Health of the Shooter — an article explaining the health risks inherent in lead-based ammunition.

Low Lead Levels Could Pose Risk — a WSJ article describing the health risks of lead, even in small dose exposures.

Reporting for Lead Usage Under Toxics Release Inventory Program is Reduced to 100 lbs. per year

How Much Does a Bullet Cost?
article in Army Magazine details how clean up costs for lead-based ammo can triple the price.

Environmental Regulations Limit Troop Training
with increasing regulatory concerns over the use of lead bullets, the demand for lead-free green ammunition is growing.

Now They Want Plastics to be Heavy
an article in Plastics Technology outlining the added design freedom and environmental friendliness of High Gravity Compounds.

Obligation to Preserve Land Shapes Army Training
an article explaining the negative environmental impact of army firing ranges caused, and the army’s responsibility towards environmental preservation and restoration.