Review a list of test results of Ecomass Compounds, demonstrating the versatility and viability of our high density engineered thermoplastics in a wide range of applications.

Ecomass Compound 1700TU96 has been certified compliant with MIL STD 2041D-2 for water leachable halides, sulfur, and mercury.

Ecomass Shielding Blankets reduce dose by 3 rem during Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant outage.

Shielding Test Results – Ecomass Compound 1700TU96

Shielding Test Results – Ecomass Compound 1050ZB92

Ecomass Shield Wall reduces dose rates at Exelon’s Quad Cities Nuclear Power Plant.

Cytotoxicity Study – Ecomass Compound 1700TU96 (formerly Ecomass Compound NJ-96TP)