Ecomass Compounds provide lead free, nontoxic engineered thermoplastics for x-ray and gamma ray shielding applications, helping device manufacturers meet industry and health standards while overcoming regulatory concerns.

Lead Free Radiation Shielding

For decades, lead has been considered the gold standard in radiation shielding. It’s cheap, easy to process, and provides very effective shielding. Yet growing health, safety and environmental concerns over the mining, processing, handling and disposal of lead have brought about an increasingly stringent regulatory environment regarding the sale and use of lead products. Ecomass Technologies has helped OEM’s and material processors worldwide eliminate these concerns by developing environmentally-friendly thermoplastic compounds that provide 100% lead equivalency shielding but without any toxic constituents. Like the entire Ecomass Compound product line, Ecomass lead free radiation shielding compounds developed to shield gamma and x-ray sources are RoHS compliant and do not contain lead, lead compounds, or any other material considered hazardous or toxic by the U.S. EPA.

Engineered Shielding Solutions

There are three factors which determine the amount of radiation received from a source: 1) time of exposure; 2) distance from source; and 3) shielding. At Ecomass Technologies, based upon the application, we optimize shielding by designing the material density and wall thickness to deliver the level of shielding the customer requires at the optimal price point. Utilizing a composite of tungsten powder in a polymeric matrix, Ecomass lead free radiation shielding materials provide device manufacturers and material processors with a completely lead-free, injection-moldable thermoplastic solution to overcome all regulatory concerns and satisfy radiation shielding needs. Moreover, our engineered x-ray and gamma ray shielding compounds are price competitive with other lead-free shielding materials.

Ecomass Compounds have replaced lead in numerous radiation shielding applications, including:

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